Our years of comprehensive experience in the creation of complex, regulated mechatronic devices enable us to industrialise your product efficiently and effectively. Precise control and documentation of processes, along with short lead times and comprehensive logistics concepts, are what make us unique.

We are able to implement industrialisation Projects in a short time thanks to holistic methods and lean concepts in all areas, as well as our assembly process documentation software, which we developed in house. The technical creativity that shines through at the development stage can also be found in the quality of the gauges built and our mastery of the processes involved.

Our strengths lie in production-focused development, taking into account the production-orientated, logistics and documentation aspects relevant to the product. We define all processes that involve the customer and take a proactive approach to customer support, thus ensuring continuous and reproducible quality over the entire product life cycle (PLM).

Our ISO 13485 certification highlights our systematic focus on properly documented processes. Full traceability and, where necessary, product-specific process risk analysis round out the range of services we offer – all from a one-stop-shop.