Implementing our company’s objectives of constantly ensuring and improving customer satisfaction requires efficient structures in all our business processes. We see added value – which is also shaped to a significant degree by our suppliers – as an integral part of our processes. Our supplier strategy therefore reflects the company’s aim of implementing productivity targets to preserve our international competitiveness.

Our quality policy states that customers are at the heart of our thoughts and actions. Each one of us – including all of our suppliers and their suppliers in turn – works directly or indirectly to meet these requirements. Our suppliers therefore also operate with the awareness that they bear full responsibility for the quality of their work.

We are committed to building long-term partnerships, in all aspects of supplier management, that are based on honesty, trust and fairness. In return, we expect our suppliers to provide us with products that meet our high quality standards and are delivered at the agreed time, in the requested quality and quantity and at a competitive price.